Arduino Workshop

This event is part of our FUBARUARY series. A month long celebration of hacking and making at FUBAR.

You Have an Arduino and you have questions – come join us for an open-ended workshop and hacking session. Bring your Ardunio, your projects, or just come and hang out.  

What you need to bring:
-A Mac or Windows Laptop that can run the Arduino IDE
– An Arduino or Arduino compatible
– USB Cable for your Arduino

If you do not have an Arduino for the class. we can supply you with a Salduino Uno R3 for $20 and we will have Ardunio Project Handbook and Kits on hand. 

Why we charge $5 – well, it keeps the lights and heat on which is a good thing so that we can keep on teaching and helping others at FUBAR.  All Meetups are free for full FUBAR Members.