Basic Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD

Do you want to design your own 3d printed objects? Autodesk Fusion 360 is a full featured parametric CAD / CAM program for working with 3d design. Fusion 360 is available for no charge for hobbyist and maker use. The session covers basic parametric CAD with a eye toward 3d printing. We will cover basic Fusion 360 features and settings. Will explain creation of components, drawings and solid bodies in the model workspace. You will gain a basic understanding of Fusion 360 drawing constraints and how to work with them. We will cover the creation of a simple 3d printable object and some of the consideration about design for 3d printing.

Fusion 360 works on Windows and Mac. Please register, download and install the application if you want to follow along in class. Download here

Please don’t register via this meetup if you are a keyholding full FUBAR member, use the Slack channel instead.

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