E Crafting Club

Kicking off our first E-Crafting club meeting where crafting and technical skills play together, we’ll be making a Dia de los Muertos themed E-feltie doll inspired by the pattern in the book, Zombie Felties by Nicole Tedmon & Sarah Skeate.

Please bring the following craft and electronic supplies:

• felt (cream, scraps of yellow and blue, black,  color of your choice for the dress, extra white sheet)

• embroidery floss (black, cream/white color, blue, coordinating color for the dress)

• favorite embellishments (sequins, beads, and/or flat small rhinestones)

•  sewing needles

• conductive thread

• LEDs (2 for eyes)

• sewable CR2032 battery holder

• sewable pushbutton switch

• CR2032 battery

Updated Materials Fee (only if you need supplies provided for you): 

If you have difficulty locating the supplies, you can prepay for supplies by October 4th through Meetup.  

• $10 for sewable electronic supplies (conductive thread, 2 LEDs, sewable battery holder, sewable switch)

• $20 to have all supplies provided for you (sewable electronics + everything else)

You must prepay by October 4th if you need supplies so that I can get them in time.

The default for payment is $10 per person.  

Unfortunately, Meetup payment system is set up for admission only rather than materials.  

If you need to pay $20, add +1 to your guest list.  Thank you.

Any materials requests and payments after October 4th is not guaranteed.