FUBACON 2016: Rise of the Primitive Bots – Competition Begins!

We are pleased to announce our second annual hilariously fun robot sumo contest. No experience necessary. Feel free to come to our open build session and come up with a wildly fun creation.

Open Build Session: 1 – 3PM
Registration: 3 – 3:25 PM
Competition begins 3:30 PM
$20 registration fee per entrant to compete.

The competition will run as a single elimination sumo style tournament. We will have two divisions (Primitive & Low-Tech). Winners of each division will compete for the Grand Championship. There will also be a People’s Choice Winner where participants and spectators can vote on their favorite creation.

PRIMITIVE : Creations that move on its own without any control from its human counterpart. Does not use any microcontrollers or sensors.

LOW-TECH: Creations that can be controlled by their human counterpart and employ technology beyond a simple battery and vibration motor e.g. a microcontroller.

1. Robots should be no more than 15 in x 8 in and weigh less than 2 lbs.
2. Should spend no more than $30.00 on your base toy.
3. No destructive elements (e.g. saw blades or drills).
4. Keep it family friendly.

Prizes will be given out to :Primitive Champion, Low-Tech Champion, Grand Champion (Primitive Champ vs Low-Tech Champ) and People’s Choice.

More detailed rules will be posted