Geek & Nerd Hike @ Farrington Lake

This is a cross hosted hike with Restart! Outdoor Enthusiasts:

Join us for our first Geek & Nerd Hike!

This is a short sunset hike to get us techy folks out into the woods! We will meet at 7 and start hiking at 7:15.

The website is here:

Parking and Meeting Location: N40° 24.752′ W74° 29.754′ Near the intersection of Riva Ave and Davidson Mill Rd. Detailed directions on the park site.

Join us at FUBAR Labs (100 Jersey Ave, Suite 103 B, New Brunswick) after the hike for geeking out and socializing. Adult beverages and snacks are welcome.

Important Note: By attending this event, you agree not to hold any of the organizers or leaders, including FUBAR Labs, legally responsible for any event that may befall you while participating.

What to Bring:

1. Always have water on you when you do any outdoor activity! The Girl Scout rule was always 32 ounces of water every two hours. Our hike will be about an hour in total.

2. Wear sturdy shoes (and socks!) meant for hiking or walking. This is an easy well worn trail, but flip flops or Uggs will not make your feet happy! Happy feet make for happy hikers!

3. Pack an emergency contact and medication list. Write down (neatly) any medical conditions you have, medicines you take, and a contact in case of emergency, put it in a little ziplock baggie, and put it in your pocket. If there is an emergency, we will know what to do!

4. It is ALWAYS tick season in NJ, so make sure to use tick repellent, and ALWAYS do a tick check post hike.

5. Check the weather! We will cancel if it rains (or snows…who knows if that’s over yet). But, we will be hiking at dusk and it might get cold, so bring a hoodie or gloves or whatever you need to keep warm. You can always take off layers…but you can’t invent layers!

6. Some folks like to bring a backpack for their water, medications and to store a hoodie. This is a great practice, but don’t over-pack! Packs can get heavy if they have too much in them, and this is a short hike.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below. There are no stupid questions!