Intro to IOT using ESP8266 & Arduino – 3 Week Course

Do you want to learn how to remotely control and interact with physical things over the internet?  This course will show how to set the Arduino environment to program the ESP8266 wifi microcontroller.  

We will explore some of the Wifi features of this chip and some basic serial communication.  This will then be used to create an “internet lightbulb” using an RGB led that will be controlled from a web page served from the ESP8266.

The course will be 7:30 – 9:00 over 3 Thursdays starting 10/27

Day 1 Basic intro to microcontrollers & setup of Arduino IDE – Hello world programing of the ESP

Day 2 Serial communications and Wifi functions

Day 3 Internet lightbulb

You will need to bring a laptop (Linux, MacOS or Windows will work) some basic level programming knowledge will be helpful but not necessary.

Course is $45 and includes the NodeMCU ESP8266 microcontroller development board, USB cable, Breadboard & “smart” RGB led.