Make Your Own Custom PCB: Introduction to EagleCAD

In this class with Jason Becker, you will be learning how to create a schematic in Eagle CAD. We will then use the schematic to create a printed circuit board. We will go over every step that is required to go from idea to printed circuit board. 

For this class, we will be making an Arduino clone. You will learn how to add parts to a schematic, connect parts using wires, labeling the parts and more. We will cover how to place those items on a printed circuit board, create the traces and silkscreen the board. 

You will learn what layers you need to send over to the manufacturer and will cover some different manufacturers. 

It is best to install Eagle CAD and the Sparkfun Library before the class (see below) but if anyone has issues we can cover that at the beginning of the class. 

We will be using the Sparkfun Eagle Library which can be found at They have a very good tutorial on how to install the library.

We will also be using Eagle CAD which can be found at 

NOTE: FUBAR Members with dues in good standing are exempt from meetup fee.