Introduction to IOT / microcontroller programming

Do you want to understand the details of how your IOT lightbulb / smart outlet works or setup a remote monitoring system? This 3-session program will introduce you to microcontroller programming, IOT / Wi-Fi concepts, and communication to a web layer or cloud service via the MQTT messaging technology.

Session 2 covers use of the various WiFi and networking features of the ESP-8266 and will introduce the use of external libraries to control RGB led strips. We should also have some time to discuss interfacing of sensors such as temperature

Session 3 will cover implementation of MQTT messaging between the ESP and external system for communications and control.

Note: session 3 will be a separate meetup to be scheduled 2 weeks apart on Tuesday around the same time of day


Attendance at the first session on 2/26, we will not cover the basic setup again. Please be sure to bring your laptop with working Platform IO development environment. The class kit is available for $15; This is the ESP8266 NodeMCU dev board, solderless breadboard, WS2812 “smart” LED, micro USB cable and assorted hookup wires. Lab will open around 7:15 please be there by 7:30