Introduction to IOT / microcontroller programming

Do you want to understand the details of how your IOT lightbulb / smart outlet works or setup a remote monitoring system? This 3-session program will introduce you to microcontroller programming, IOT / Wi-Fi concepts, and communication to a web layer or cloud service via the MQTT messaging technology.

Session 3 will cover implementation of MQTT messaging between the ESP and external system for communications and control. We will control the RGB led that we played with last week over the Web using MQTT messaging and the NodeRed extension for NodeJS.


Attendance at the first session on 2/26, we will not cover the basic setup again. Please be sure to bring your laptop with working Platform IO development environment. The class kit is available for $15; This is the ESP8266 NodeMCU dev board, solderless breadboard, WS2812 “smart” LED, micro USB cable and assorted hookup wires. Lab will open around 7:15 please be there by 7:30