Purr Data

Explore dsp, Graphical programming, sequencing, sample theory and maybe
more with the latest pretty branch of a fork of the great Pure Data!

Purr Data is the latest (2.x) branch of Ivica Ico Bukvicʼs Pd-l2ork.
Pd-l2ork in turn is a fork of Hans-Christoph Steinerʼs Pd-extended, which
has been the longest-running (and arguably the most popular) variant of
Miller Pucketteʼs Pd. Pd a.k.a. Pure Data, the common basis of all these
variants, is Miller Pucketteʼs interactive and graphical computer music
and multimedia environment. Pd is also the premier open-source
alternative to Cycling74ʼs well-known commercial Max program (whose
original version was also developed by Miller Puckette when he was at
IRCAM in the 1980s).

Star Morin

Held every Friday in July. Need a laptop.