Raspberry PI in an Hour – ScratchGPIO

The Raspberry Pi and MIT’s Scratch have been a great combination from day one. Now they have become even better with ScratchGPIO for the Raspberry PI. Using the simple Lego style blocks of MIT’s SCRATCH programming environment you can now control the Raspberry PI’s Input/Output (GPIO) pins. 

During this meetup we will cover:

-What is ScratchGPIO
-What it can do and what hardware it can control
-How to Install It
-How to use it 
-Lessons learned
-Tips & Tricks

No need for you to bring a Raspberry Pi, we will work as a group on a couple of Raspberry PIs. No Raspberry PI or SCRATCH experience required for this session. Session is open to all ages and skill levels 

Why we charge $5 for meetups: , it keeps the lights and heat on which is a good thing so that we can keep on teaching and helping others at FUBAR.  Also it helps ensure people show up. All Meetups are free for full FUBAR Members.