Sewing & Electronics – Make a wearable for the holidays

Tenaya Hurst is CEO and founder of Rougue Making.  You may have seen her on TV, in her hit music videos, or at Maker Faire. She is one of the most energetic and sought after makers in the USA.  She will be here at FUBAR Labs doing a special hands-on make your own wearable workshop. 

She is here on the east coast for a limited time, so don’t miss this chance. 

Rogue Making is thrilled to present a hands-on making workshop for FUBAR!  Any student who would like to make their own wearable technology, join us! Tenaya Hurst wants to help you learn about electrical engineering and add LEDs to your garments to brighten up the holidays.  

Our class will involve designing, prototyping, and making.  We will sew components into our clothes to make a wearable, washable circuit.  You’re invited to bring your own clothing or accessory that you’d like to add lights to, and/or Tenaya will bring fabric squares and all other materials that we’ll need.  

This is a great family workshop. Bring the kids. Take a day away from the holiday craziness and start a new tradition of making with the family. 

The class fee includes the basic electronics kit, LEDs, and all you need for $25.  Larger kits are available for during the class for additional cost.  Kits include a washable Lilypad, LEDs, and other supplies, get what’s right for you and keep it!  

Brighten up that holiday sweater, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, sock, pillow you have. Or make something for someone special – or your pet. 

Your only homework before class is to check out one of Tenaya’s maker music videos:

About Tenaya Hurst: