SPECIAL EDITION Soldering Class: Independence Day Wearable Necklace

SPECIAL EDITION Soldering Class for the month of June:

Celebrate Independence Day with a new, wearable LED soldering kit. 

Twelve, individually controlled, full-color LEDs (or more!) will display a special, pre-programmed Fourth of July pattern with no coding knowledge necessary. The integrated USB rechargeable battery is included so you’ll be free to wear the bright LEDs as a necklace or embed them into an existing project. 

After the celebration, bring your creation back to FUBAR and learn to program a new pattern for your next big day!

 Enjoy the freedom to expand your creation during our workshop.

Class Fee is $17.76!  Will be collected at the workshop

Regular Soldering Workshop will also still be in session.

Same rules apply:

Bring your own kit or purchase one at the lab. 

For instruction: please promptly arrive by 1:30.

For open troubleshoot, come any time between 1:30 – 3 pm