FUBAR Goes to Washington

Jean Co


Makerspace organizers around the country were invited to a meeting held August 24th at the White House (well, technically the Eisenhower Building) by the Office of Science, Technology and Policy.  Senior Advisor, Andrew Coy had been working with various contacts and we received our invitation.  180 people were invited from the continental U.S. to all the way out to Alaska and Hawaii.

The morning started with going through several security checkpoints before we were herded into the South auditorium.  There presentations from makers of different regions and focus.  We also went through introductions and saw familiar faces from our Maker Faire circuit as well as many Power Racing Series colleagues.

You can catch the morning session here that was initially broadcasted as a live stream.


The afternoon was broken into breakout sessions based on various topics.  It was hard to choose.  We learned a lot about the trials and tribulations of makerspaces and how the Federal government is here to help and support the Maker Movement and what was required of us.  We have a lot of work ahead of us but armed with the knowledge, we look forward to moving forward with FUBAR together with other makerspaces and our communities.  It’s a very exciting time to be a maker!

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