Gearing up for NJ Maker Day 2017

NJ Makers Day is a statewide event hosted by makerspaces, schools, libraries and maker vendors throughout the state to promoting the Maker Movement.  This year’s Maker Day is slotted for March 24 – 25.  There are amazing programs being planned as we speak including here at FUBAR Labs.

In a collaborative effort, we invited fellow facilitators to tour of our facility and experience being a participant rather than a facilitator.   It gave makerspace facilitators from public and educational sector a better understanding of how our space is funded, equipped and run.

Many did not realize that spaces like our is run by dedicated volunteers and no formal staffing.     They also had the opportunity to see what a community based makerspace can offer to them both as facilitator and as private individuals.

The best part of the evening was providing an opportunity for the participants to create and play, something that they normally facilitate but not necessarily get to participate.   We ran brushbot build and races.  It allowed our inner child free to experiment and create as well as experiencing the thought processes that may be employed.

We had such fun building, racing and chatting with each other.  It was wonderful learning about how these individuals and their facilities were enabling students and adults in their journey in Making.


NJ Makers Day starts  Friday, March 24 into Saturday, March 25.  Check out the NJ Makers Day website to find more information or a site near you!  We’re still in our planning stages ourselves but plan an Open House on Saturday March 25.  Stay tuned for more details.

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