Hackaday World Create Day Post Mortem

There were several great events going on simultaneously so our members had a hard choice and many tried to attend several of them in one day.  Despite the hard decisions, decisions, decisions, a few of us decided to wrestle with the TMS 5220 speech chip.  Eric and a drop-in participant, Alice gave it a go. After struggling with it, it turned out we needed a ROM chip that was not on premise.  All was not lost as we also had Arduino and a Text to Speech module (Emic2) on hand as well.

Alice was able to get it up and running.  She brainstormed practical applications for this module such as a text-to-speech interface for those suffering from temporary speech loss.  Other members also dropped in and worked on ongoing projects and even had a quick sewing lesson!  All and all, a very relaxed and fruitful day of making!


For more information about the TMS 5220 chip, check out our event page on Hackaday.

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