Ideal Farm and Garden Center Maker Fest

Member Ben Jorritsma hosted a Maker Fest at his family farm featuring an off road Power Racing Series Exhibition race.  We were lucky to have Jen come up from Baltimore.  We were so determined that  Bill went down to get her and drove her, McQueen and PokeKart up that morning.  It completed the line up with old FUBAR One coming out of retirement, RU Greasy, Red Shirts and Fuvette.

RU Greasy, Red Shirts and Jackie at the helm of PokeKart did great in the mud.  McQueen did great in the first race, giving RU Greasy a run for its money.  FUBAR One and Fuvette were fraught with electrical troubles and eventually structural issues (the throttle broke off of FUBAR One).  Since Bill was doing double duty at emcee, he wasn’t able to attend to FUBAR One except when it happen to fail by the control tent.  The jostling was really intense and many of us felt it later on our bodies.  It was a good thing this race was after the season.  The bumps and terrain were really rough on the cars.  Jostling isn’t even a strong enough word.  Definitely was a good idea not to bring the current FUBAR One to this one.   But boy was it a lot of fun.

Video provided by Adam Tannir

Photos by Jackie Gerstein

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