If you are interested in joining our community of makers, tinkerers, artists, techies and geeks, and getting 24 hour access to the space and it’s resources, follow the outline below.  You can read the full set of member rights and responsibilities in our Bylaws.

Membership has it’s privileges and FUBAR Members have instant 24/7 access to many sophisticated tools, supplies, and workshop equipment.


Members of FUBAR Labs are responsible for supporting our goals and ideals, Helping to build a better learning experience. Membership is the backbone of FUBAR labs. Members are collectively responsible for running and maintaining the space. Members have access codes to the space for 24 hour access, and determine how the space is operated. They also decide membership.

Quarterly Dues

Membership dues are currently $78 per month, paid quarterly in advance ($234.00 per quarter).  This includes access codes to the space and access to all of it’s resources.

How do I become a member?

Attend one of our Tuesday Night Member Meetings and perform the following steps:

1) Inform one of our officers of your intention to join. There is a 35.00 dollar registration fee that is applied to your first month dues upon acceptance, and refunded if things don’t work out.

2) Get involved!! show up!! participate!! get to know us and let us get to know you. We’re not elitist and we don’t discriminate. All you need is a desire to learn and get involved. NO other skills are required.

3) Spend time in the space and our out reach events.

4) Member Vote. we will hold a informal vote at a members meeting where current members will speak on your behalf and our members will vote to approve or deny your membership. Again, this is based on participation. We are a friendly non elitist group.

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