President – Eric


The President shall preside over all meetings of the membership. He or she also serves as a representative of FUBAR Labs to the public, and in all functions where a President may be called for by law or any other outside requirements. The president is responsible for making sure that the organization files its annual report, and any other papers required to maintain legal nonprofit status by the law of New Jersey or Federal law.

Vice President – Beth

In the event that the President cannot fulfill their responsibilities at any meeting or function, it is the responsibility of the Vice President to fulfill the obligations of the President. They are responsible for maintaining the externally facing calendar and communications around events including the organization’s calendar.

Secretary – Jenny

The Secretary shall be responsible for recording all minutes of all official meetings of the membership and the officers. The Secretary must make available these minutes in the private area of our website.

Treasurer – Neil

The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring all financial assets of FUBAR Labs. This includes but is not restricted to the collection of membership dues, the payment of rent and utilities for any space leased by FUBAR Labs, the disbursement and reimbursement of funds authorized to be spent under the procedures detailed in these bylaws.

Shop Foreman – Zoltan

The Shop foreman will be responsible for the organization of the shop space. This includes assignment of resources, layout of floor plan, creation of workbenches. Any of your concerns of the physical space should be first directed to Zoltan.

Trustee(s) – Rick, Jean, and Zoltan

Trustees provide additional expertise, perspective, and balance on matters around FUBAR Labs to the other officers.