Power Racing Series Season Draws to an End!

October 1 – 2, 2016: World’s Maker Faire – Queens, New York

This year has been a whirlwind as the team was in contention for the Tesla cup going into World’s Maker Faire in Queens, NY.  However, the competition was rough as Master Builders flew in all the way from Seattle.  Baltimore also have a banner showing as well as McQueen resolved many of its gremlin issues and performed well throughout the whole weekend.  We placed 3rd place in the first sprint;  4th place in the second sprint; 3rd place in endurance.  Overall weekend awards, we placed 2nd with Moxie and 3rd place Overall.  This placed Master Builders in line for the Tesla Cup, which is the overall 2016 Champions.  But the season wasn’t over yet!

October 15-16, 2016: Pittsburgh Maker Faire

It was our last Power Racing event for the 2016 Season.  We had a very outside chance for the championship title.  However, Master Builders from Seattle had performed phenomenally in New York and Baltimore Burner’s Lightning McQueen was also in contention as it no longer faced the reliability issues plaguing it during the season.  Competition was pretty tight as we went into the Pittsburgh Maker Faire races for one last chance at the Tesla cup.

The first sprint race was tough but initially McQueen and FUBAR One had been first and second.  However, Lego Car from HackPGH, despite experiencing trouble during qualifiers, came on the scene and battled it out with McQueen, with an exciting finish and placing 2nd.  FUBAR One placed third.   In the second race, we were able to place 2nd with HackPGH Lego car placing first and Arustocrats Blue Martin’s Waffle Kart placed 3rd!  Behind the scenes in the pits, we also tried to help Jen of Baltimore Burners get McQueen running.  She was there with one of her students but essential running around trying to get the car operational.   She had better luck the following day though McQueen was still temperamental at the start of endurance.  She was able to race quickly back up before the first driver change but ultimately McQueen did fail at the end.  Meanwhile between helping Jen with McQueen, 3 broken fuses and even driving one of the driver doing an extra shift driving McQueen, we were able to place 2nd though it was a neck and neck battle with Rambulance who ultimately placed 3rd.  Lego car had a banner weekend and placed first.  This also meant that we were not able to retake the Tesla Cup from the Master Builders.  However, we were able to win the Chapman Cup.  And Jen took home the Moxie Trophy.

Honestly it was such a blur and intense weekend, we don’t even remember how we placed for the weekend and championship overall.  Hopefully once the figures are posted, we can update the stats.  It’s been a wild ride and we’ve forged strong friendships with other makers and look forward to see what 2017 will bring.

Photos by Karen Corbeill

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