Our Work Shop

FUBAR labs is a community of makers, tinkerers, artists, techies and geeks who have 24 hour a day access to the maker space and to tools, supplies, and workshop equipment. We are a community of passionate makers who are willing to share information and tutor anyone that is interested. Fubar has classes on a wide range of topics from 3D printing to welding to programming.


Everyone is invited to our Thursday night open meetings. If you decide to become a member of FUBAR, you will have 24/7 access to 3-D printers, laser cutter, lathe, milling machine, welding equipment, woodworking tools, hand tools and the shared knowledge of the community. The projects shown on this site show the range of interests of our members.

Membership includes 24 hour access to all of the following tools, provided you are checked out for safe operation of the more sophisticated automated tools.

Lulzbot Mini – Donated by Lulzbot
i3 Prusa
Printerbot Plus
Miscellaneous 3D Filament
ShapeOko CNC Mill (Donated by Inventables)
40w Laser Cutter
Sherline Mill
Mini Lathe
Large Sonic Part Cleaner
Welding Equipment
Workbench Power Tools (drill presses, saws, sanders, etc)
Computers, Servers, Misc Hardware
Hand Tools
Electronic Supply / Misc supplies
Oscilloscopes / Test Equipment
Misc Scientific & Electronic Equipment
A Community of Passionate Makers – priceless!


Eric works on a project with some welding equipment.


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