FUBAR Labs is New Jersey’s oldest Makerspace, established in 2009 in New Brunswick and currently located in North Brunswick.

You might be familiar with makerspaces in the context of schools or libraries, but FUBAR Labs is a community-run membership-based organization, with no affiliation to any companies or institutions. Our founding principal is to promote and encourage technical, scientific and artistic skills through individual projects, collaboration, and education. We are a community of makers, hackers and tinkerers with common interests such as computers, electronics, DIY, open source, crafting and fabrication.

The most obvious service that we offer to our members and the public is the use of our workspace and equipment, but we also host regular classes and study groups and we’re home to several collaborative engineering projects. These projects include our power racing vehicles, which are competitive low-budget DIY electric go-karts, and the FooCars project: an open source project focused on autonomous conversions of hobby vehicles. We’re also home to NJ Combat Robots, a combat robotics league for light, hobbyist-friendly weight classes.  

FUBAR Labs has hosted “open hack” times on Sundays and Thursdays ever since we moved into our first location.

Open hacks are times when FUBAR Labs is open to the public, allowing visitors to come and use the space for their personal projects, learn how to use the machines we have, and get interested in some of the projects we’re working on at the space. We’ve held a wide variety of classes over the years, covering topics such as raspberry pi, soldering, welding, CAD modeling, Arduino, Ham Radio, knot tying, machine learning and more. You can look at our calendar to find out about our upcoming events or check out our recent announcements to get updates on what we’ve been up to.

Our space includes a metal shop, wood shop, 3D printers, laser cutter, soldering and electronics supplies and general purpose are that we use for classes, events and collaborative projects. You can find out more about our facilities and get a full list of our equipment here.