Mechanical Mayhem

2022 Summer Mechanical Mayhem: Judges and Live Stream
2022 Summer Mechanical Mayhem: Judges and Live Stream

FUBAR runs Robot Combat events in collaboration with the newly formed Garden State Robot Combat League (GSRL).

In the exciting sport of Robot Combat competitors design, build and fight robots weighing up to 3 lbs.  As small as that sounds these bots have kinetic energy weapons the inflict carnage on each other.  For competitor info or more details on participation check the GSRL Discord server.

Worldwide events are listed here 

Robot Combat Events Site

Example of the last event we hosted

Categories that we run

  • Plastic/Wood Antweight
  • Standard Antweight
  • Beetleweight

Robot Safety Requirements

Weapons need a weapon safety lock. LiPo Batteries need to manage and stored properly. The arena is out in the open and we’re requesting supporters watch the event via live stream.

Tournament Rules

  • Following SPARC general rules, see here SPARC rules
  • Yes, to one unstick. Feel free to send us your preference. We’ll set this final on Jan 9th.
  • Currently no OOTA zones, but may work on adding one in this week
  • Tournament structure TBD based on actual participant numbers

Arena Information

Antweight and Beetleweight 8′ x 8′ x 2′ arena, 2 layers 1/4″ polycarbonate. Plywood painted surface.